Shipping / Misc

Shipping instructions

Penguin Pickup

This is a package service available to receive deliveries from many online retailers.

Simply add my account number at checkout as follows:

Chris Leach E8OP-R3WF

415 Church Street

Toronto, On

M4Y 0G1


Requiring a specific kind of lens means off-the shelf glasses are not a good solution for me. Contact me for details.


If you’d like to send a donation without going through GoFundMe, just send it to the following address:

Chatr Phone Card

Chatr is my mobile phone provider. Top-Up cards are available at 7-11, Wal Mart, Circle K, and other locations.

Simply take a photo of the PIN and send it to me via email, or by DM on Instagram.


Web Host

Fees for this site are due again in less than six weeks. By sending a donation via PayPal, I can apply those funds to the cost of operating this site.

PayPal-linked email address:

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a very useful way to support me in my efforts to return to housing. Crucially, for use applied to the expense of groceries and clothing.

You can buy gift cards on Amazon or your preferred retailer and have them delivered to the shipping address above. IMPORTANT: I am in Canada. Make certain any gift cards you send are usable here.