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Today, Mayor Tory asserts homelessness is not a problem in Toronto. Homeless encampments are a problem, the homeless are a problem, but homelessness is not a problem. Uppity hobo tramp bastards…

What’s this about?

This morning municipal security and police came to an encampment and tore apart people’s shelters and seized their property.

Police and municipal security made an already difficult situation much harder for people who will not cope easily with this affront to their quality of life.

Mayor Tory spoke on the subject of homelessness, and I paraphrase here, in which he refers to encampments as, “dangerous, filthy, and illegal.” They certainly are. Frame that differently. Instead of “encampment,” use “homelessness.” Homelessness is dangerous. Homelessness is filthy. Homelessness is a crime against life, and humanity. But it’s not a problem. Encampments are a problem. Shelter space is a problem.

Mayor Tory continues to draw the frame, telling the public that people in encampments have refused help. They have refused hotel rooms. They’ve shouted at police and security, rejected the offers of ‘outreach’ workers. Rude! Makes sense. Of course. They’re criminals and drug addicts. They set fire to their own filthy little nests. We’re trying to help them, they won’t cooperate.

In a stunning bit of synchronicity, I have a lot to say about the subject of homelessness and have been constructing a website for that purpose. I’ve called it, ‘Homeless Unlimited,’ which as a title is a bit of double-sided, tongue-in-cheek face-slappery.

The writing is a little clumsy and the design is imperfect, though it is a work in progress, so I can tidy it up as I go. (Insert wise quote about adequate vs perfect, etc.) Take a lesson, Mayor Tory.