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TIFF Day 10

Film Recommendation / Reprisal (2019) x TOTDY (2019)

‘Reprisal,’ and ‘Too Old to Die Young.’ These series are included because I’m making eleven posts instead of ten. This has been a kind of ‘winging it’ effort, of necessity, and I made the mistake of thinking September 8th to September 18th meant ten posts.

There’s simply too much to say about each of these works to go into them in any significant way here. Also, I haven’t got the time to re-watch 20-plus hours of drama.

Vision is the touchstone here. It distinguishes each of these series’. They exist in crafted worlds, built for the purpose of story. Elevated by the vision of a creator, stories told with such a through-line offer us an experience distinct from what we might otherwise settle for. As it happens, vision plays a significant figurative role in both ‘Reprisal,’ and ‘Too Old to Die Young.’

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