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TIFF Day 7

Film Recommendation / The Sound of Silence (2019)

Sound in film has never stopped evolving. Musical accompaniment, voice, stereo and surround, the pairing of film with sound is core to our cinematic experience.

‘The Sound of Silence,’ is a film I have mixed feelings about. This, I think, is intended. The atmosphere of the film resonates within the viewer, playing across our perception of the moment and the space we are in.

The aural dimension of the film is subtle in its power. It evokes something within us, something not easily comprehended. By the end of the film, it’s as though we have drawn from us aspects of our self-perception, exposing the anchor points of our self image and self worth. This is a real accomplishment, and the filmmaker makes use of it by contrasting that knowledge and the amity we seek with the protagonist.

Sound, clearly, is the touchstone element here.

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